Mongolian Shaman Takes on His Grandfather Spirit

In the vast expanses of Mongolia, a young shaman carries on the ancient traditions of his people. In a mesmerizing video captured by Amalia Rubin, we witness a sacred ceremony where the shaman, known as a Khotgoid, drums to summon the spirit of his late grandfather. This intimate gathering takes place outside the bustling city of Ulaanbaatar, offering a glimpse into the mystical world of Modern Mongolian Shamanism. The captivating footage not only brings us closer to the shaman’s powerful connection with the spiritual realm but also aims to support ongoing research and the potential publication of a book dedicated to this intriguing subject. Join us as we delve into the mesmerizing world of the Mongolian shaman, stepping into a realm where the past and present collide in a harmony of ancestral spirits and timeless wisdom.

Mongolian Shaman Takes on His Grandfather Spirit

Mongolian Shaman Takes on His Grandfather Spirit

Introduction to Modern Mongolian Shamanism

In the vast and rugged landscape of Mongolia, ancient traditions and spiritual practices have been preserved for centuries. One of the most fascinating aspects of Mongolian culture is shamanism, a deeply rooted belief system that connects the spiritual realm with the physical world. Shamanism has evolved over time, blending with modern influences while remaining a vital part of Mongolian identity. This article delves into the world of Mongolian shamanism, shedding light on the role of a shaman, their journey, and the profound bond they share with their ancestors.

The Role of the Shaman in Mongolian Culture

Shamans play a crucial role in Mongolian society, acting as intermediaries between the human and spirit realms. They are revered figures who possess the ability to communicate with and harness the power of the spiritual entities that inhabit the natural world. Shamans are sought after for their healing abilities, spiritual guidance, and their ability to connect with the ancestors to seek their wisdom and blessings. Their work is regarded with deep respect and is considered essential for maintaining the spiritual harmony of the community.

The Journey of a Young Mongolian Shaman

Becoming a shaman in Mongolia is not a path that is chosen, but rather one that is believed to be chosen by the spiritual forces themselves. From a young age, those destined to become shamans display certain characteristics and experiences that set them apart from their peers. These individuals embark on a rigorous and often solitary journey, guided by experienced shamans who aid them in honing their abilities and navigating the spiritual realm. The journey is often marked by intense spiritual training, arduous physical challenges, and encounters with the supernatural.

The Bond Between Ancestors and Shamans

In Mongolian shamanism, the connection between shamans and their ancestors is of paramount importance. The lineage of shamanism is believed to be passed down through generations, with the knowledge and abilities of past shamans weaving their way into the present. Ancestors are revered as wise and benevolent beings who continue to guide and protect their descendants even after death. Shamans honor their ancestors through rituals and ceremonies, seeking their guidance and assistance in navigating the spiritual realms and serving their community.

Preparing for the Grandfather Spirit Ceremony

One of the most significant ceremonies in Mongolian shamanism is the Grandfather Spirit Ceremony. This ceremony is a ritualistic journey undertaken by a shaman to connect with a specific ancestor spirit, often referred to as the Grandfather Spirit. The preparation for this ceremony is meticulous and involves various steps to ensure the shaman is spiritually and physically ready. These preparations can include fasting, meditation, purification rituals, and consultations with experienced shamans. The shaman must cleanse their mind, body, and spirit to receive the ancestral energy and guidance that awaits them.

The Grandfather Spirit Ceremony

The Grandfather Spirit Ceremony is a deeply sacred and transformative experience for the shaman. It is a ceremony that requires immense focus, reverence, and trust in the ancestral spirits. The ceremony begins with the shaman entering a trance-like state through rhythmic drumming and chanting. As the shaman’s senses heighten, they become a vessel, channeling the energy and essence of the Grandfather Spirit. Dancing, chanting, and elaborate rituals follow, further deepening the connection with the ancestral spirit.

The Drumming Ritual and Invocation

At the heart of the Grandfather Spirit Ceremony is the rhythmic beat of the drum, which serves as a gateway to the spiritual realms. The shaman skillfully plays the drum, creating a mesmerizing rhythm that serves as the conduit for communication with the ancestors. The drumming is accompanied by invocations, where the shaman calls upon the spirits of the ancestors, seeking their presence and guidance. The combination of drumming and invocations sets the stage for the shaman to enter into a trance-like state and establish a profound connection with the ancestral realm.

Channeling the Ancestral Energy

As the shaman channels the ancestral energy, they become the vessel through which the wisdom, guidance, and healing powers of the ancestors flow. The shaman’s body may undergo physical changes and manifestations as the ancestral energy takes hold. They may experience heightened senses, altered states of consciousness, or even speak in tongues. This transformation signifies the moment when the shaman is unified with the Grandfather Spirit and able to bring forth the ancestral energy for the benefit of the community.

Messages and Guidance from the Grandfather Spirit

During the Grandfather Spirit Ceremony, the shaman receives messages and guidance from the ancestral realm. These messages come in various forms, such as visions, auditory signals, or intuitive insights. The shaman acts as a conduit, conveying these messages to the community and providing guidance on matters of importance, such as healing, relationships, and societal concerns. The messages are regarded with great respect and are often seen as divine wisdom, offering direction and solace to those who seek the shaman’s counsel.

Reflections and Insights from the Shaman

After the Grandfather Spirit Ceremony, the shaman reflects on their experience and gains insights into their own spiritual growth and purpose. The ceremony often brings about a deep sense of connection and understanding, solidifying the shaman’s role as a conduit between the physical and spirit worlds. The shaman’s reflections extend beyond the ceremony itself, as they contemplate the lessons learned and how they can better serve their community and honor their ancestors. The ceremony serves as a powerful catalyst for personal development and reaffirmation of the shaman’s path.


Mongolian shamanism is a rich and deeply revered tradition that continues to thrive in the modern world. The role of the shaman as a mediator between the spiritual and physical realms, guided by their ancestral lineage, is central to the fabric of Mongolian culture. The Grandfather Spirit Ceremony represents the pinnacle of the shaman’s journey, a spiritual pilgrimage that allows them to connect with the wisdom and energy of their ancestors and bring forth messages and guidance for their community. Through their unwavering dedication and connection to their roots, Mongolian shamans honor their past, shape their present, and guide their future with unwavering reverence.

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