The Strange & Terrifying Creatures of Sweden – Exploring Scandinavian Folklore

In this episode of Mythology & Fiction Explained, you will be delving into the world of Scandinavian folklore to discover the strange and terrifying creatures of Sweden. From the animated corpses known as Draugr to the seductive but deadly forest nymphs called Skogsraet, you will explore the rich mythology and legends of these creatures. Other creatures such as the Myling, Nacken, Mara, Trollcat, and Vittra will also be unveiled. So get ready for a captivating journey into the depths of Swedish folklore and the chilling tales of its mythical creatures.

As the episode begins, the unique creatures of Sweden are introduced, each with their own intriguing stories and characteristics. The Draugr, animated corpses that guard buried treasures, are described, followed by the Skogsraet, seductive forest nymphs with a hollow chasm on their backs. The Myling, reanimated spirits of children seeking proper burial, and the Nacken, water spirits with enchanting songs, are also explored. Lastly, the Mara, a spirit that brings nightmares, and the mysterious Trollcat and Vittra are introduced. So join us on this thrilling exploration of the strange and terrifying creatures that inhabit Swedish folklore.

The Strange & Terrifying Creatures of Sweden – Exploring Scandinavian Folklore


Welcome to the realm of Swedish folklore, where tales of strange and terrifying creatures roam the ancient woods and haunt the hearts of those who dare to listen. From restless spirits to mischievous beings, the stories handed down through generations hold a mirror to the fears and beliefs of the Swedish people. In this journey, we will delve into the mystical world of creatures such as the Draugr, Skogsraet, Myling, Nacken, Mara, Trollcat, and Vittra, discovering the legends that have both frightened and intrigued the imaginations of many.


Emerging from the bone-chilling depths of Nordic mythology, the Draugr is an undead creature that has captivated the minds of Swedes for centuries. Often depicted as a ghastly figure with rotting flesh and glowing eyes, the Draugr is believed to possess supernatural strength and the ability to shape-shift. These malevolent spirits are said to guard their treasures fiercely, haunting burial mounds and wreaking havoc upon unsuspecting trespassers.


Venture deep into the quiet forests of Sweden and you might encounter the elusive Skogsraet, a creature of many forms. Often appearing as a seductive and alluring woman, the Skogsraet has mastered the art of disguise to lure unsuspecting men into the depths of the woods. Once entrapped, the creature reveals its true form, a horrifying humanoid creature with bark-like skin and a hollow back. It is whispered that only those with a pure heart can see through its illusions and escape its clutches.

The Strange  Terrifying Creatures of Sweden - Exploring Scandinavian Folklore


In the desolate landscapes of Sweden, stories of restless spirits known as Mylings have haunted the living for centuries. These tormented souls are said to be the spirits of unbaptized or murdered children, seeking revenge on those who crossed their paths. Often heard as mournful cries in the night or seen as small, shadowy figures, Mylings wander the dark corners of the country, desperate to be laid to rest. Witnesses claim that offering proper burial rites can appease these anguished spirits and bring peace to their troubled souls.


Master of deception and seduction, the Nacken is a creature of Scandinavian folklore that dwells in the tranquil waters of Sweden’s lakes and rivers. Often depicted as an irresistibly handsome man or a beautiful horse, the Nacken uses its mesmerizing music to lure unsuspecting victims into the depths. Once entranced, the creature drags its prey to a watery grave, leaving behind only sorrow and regret. Beware the enchanting melodies that echo across the waters, for the Nacken’s deceptions are as deep as the rivers it calls home.


Prepare yourself for the haunting tales of the Mara, a nocturnal being that torments its victims through sleep paralysis and nightmares. Known by many names across different cultures, the Mara is said to sit upon the chest of its victims, inducing a state of helplessness and terror. Often described as a dark, shadowy figure, the Mara feeds on fear, ensuring a sleepless night for those unfortunate enough to cross its path. While some believe it to be a mere product of sleep disorders, others claim its existence as an otherworldly creature.


Playful yet mischievous, the Trollcat is a creature that can be found lurking in the dense forests and hidden caves of Sweden. Part feline, part troll, the Trollcat is known for its ability to shape-shift and its insatiable appetite for human flesh. Some tales describe it as a large, grotesque cat with sharp teeth and claws, while others tell of it taking the form of a beautiful cat to deceive its victims. Often associated with bad luck and cursed objects, encountering a Trollcat requires wit and caution, for it revels in testing the minds and hearts of those it encounters.


In the Swedish folklore, the Vittra are a proud and enigmatic race of underground creatures. Believed to be protectors of nature, they reside in the hidden realm beneath the earth’s surface. Tall and handsome, they rarely interact with humans, but when they do, it is said to be a sight to behold. While some stories depict the Vittra as benevolent beings, willing to help those in need, others warn of their fierce temperament and vengeful nature. To avoid their wrath, it is advised to show respect for the land and its inhabitants, for the power of the Vittra is not to be taken lightly.


As we conclude our exploration into the rich tapestry of Swedish folklore, we have witnessed the wondrous and terrifying creatures that inhabit this enchanting land. From the restless spirits of the Draugr and Mylings to the seductive Skogsraet and the mischievous Trollcat, these tales have captivated the imaginations of generations. The folklore of Sweden stands as a reminder of the deep connection between the natural world and the human spirit, a testament to the power of storytelling and the enduring fascination with the strange and supernatural. So, the next time you find yourself wandering the mystical realms of Sweden, keep your senses alert, for you never know what otherworldly wonders or chilling terrors may await you.

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